Dear all,

Welcome to the temporary redirect for /r/childfree.

As some of you have read in the sticky, elsewhere on reddit, or on your favorite news outlet, Reddit Inc. has announced to introduce a major change starting July 1st: Their API (in layman's terms, that's the software behind the website that communicates with the outside world that doesn't use a regular web browser - such as apps, bots, browser extensions...) is no longer going to be free. And we get that, providing such an interface costs money. But instead of using a reasonable pricing that allows third party developers to use subscription models to cover the expenses, they went down the deep end and quote prices that essentially force most - if not all - third party apps to shut down for good. Apps like Appollo, Sync, Reddit is Fun, etc. etc. will cease working from June 30th, 23:59 GMT.

We, as moderators of /r/childfree, protest the decision. Not only are third party apps a daily staple for many users; the official app is also thoroughly lacking in moderation tools, making our work - that we are providing for free in countless hours for our community - even more difficult.

Consequently, we have joined the coordinated lockdown starting June 12th.

Originally, this lockdown was scheduled to last 48h to try and force some sense into the skulls of the Reddit Inc. top management.

However, over the last few days they have been caught in a bunch of controversies, misrepresentation of facts and deception. As a result, many of the moderators do no longer believe that reddit's senior management can be reasoned with; and a sustained lockdown for a longer period (or even for good) is the only way out.

For the time being, we don't know what's going to happen. We will shut down as scheduled, and - in close coordination with one another - decide on future actions.

We will keep you updated here on this page. And rest assured, all information from the wiki, the doctor's list etc. etc. have been archived; I will link them below shortly.

Some of you may have also heard of a migration to other platforms entirely, especially one called Lemmy. Lemmy is a decentralized, interlinked network of reddit-like forums.

In short, you sign up with any one of the Lemmy instances worldwide, and can use that account with both local communities, as well as external ones on other servers.

The "official unofficial" childfree Lemmy forum can be found on - you can opt to create your account on and interact on the local instance, or - and that's the beauty of it - find any other instance you like, for example via, create an account there and *still* participate on

The most requested resource, the childfree-friendly doctor's list, is currently available here in plain-text format: An alternative support group for CF seeking sterilizations is also available on facebook:

Some more how to's will be added below later.

Your childfree moderators